About The CEO

Hey Dyeimond Girls, I'm Dyeimond 28 YO ,Brooklyn Girl..CEO of DyeimondLashCo. We Are Brooklyn Based Eyelash strip band & Lip gloss Company who serves Globally.All My Lashes are named after the most important females in my life ,from my sisters to my mom& My Babyglosses are named after all my favorite little people. I wanted to show them how much i apprecciated them.We Carry 16 Lash Styles of various length.We have been growing quickly gaining over 2000+ online orders.Our mission is to provide High Quality Eye lashes & Lip glosses to everyone who LOVES TO LOOK & FEEL PRETTY or simply just want to spice up their makeup look as well.Making our customers feel more beautiful than what they already are and building their confidence is what makes us extremely happy.